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The latest from the catwalk blows in with an oriental twist by Elisabetta Franchi for the Fall Winter 2015/16 collection. Inspired by Kyoto, the dresses feature an interesting blend of eastern and western design. The collection revolves heavily around the imagery of flowering branches contrasted on a white background that adds a snowy effect to many of the dresses.

The oriental motif is ever present in most of the designs added in the form of tassels and drawstrings around the waist of the skirt and trousers. The collection also features the use of kimonos, a staple when featuring anything from Japan, with a variety of designs held by a well-marked waistline.

The colors vary from dress to dress the main being Ink blue, a play on Japanese art, while others feature a combinations of ivory or red just to name a few. The jackets are embroidered with graphics that is matched with high-waist trousers.

This collection really does bring out Orient and has dresses that would be sure to turn heads where you may take it.