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With the recent triumph of superhero TV shows like the Arrow and the Flash (even Supergirl!),  its no wonder that a spinoff show based on the arrow is ready for release! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Probably the closest TV will ever get to representing anything similar to the Justice League – will be out on Thursday, January 21.

Featuring side characters from the TV shows (based on comic book characters) like the Atom /Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh, ‘Superman Returns’), Heat Wave ( Dominic Purcell, ‘Prison Break’ ) Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller, ‘Prison Break’) and many more.

The TV show follows the adventures of this band of villains and heroes as they attempt to stop a greater evil from taking over the world in future. Check out the trailer below for an in depth look and you decide if this will another show that will make it big or spectacularly flop like many spin-offs before it.