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The latest from the Milan Fashion week is kicking in with Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall Winter 2016 collection. Where ever a statement is required, these shoes are your key. The collection draws upon the idea of magical sophistication with a wide selection of different styles to choose from.

An energized collection sees the return of embellished heels with a creative crystal shaped floral pattern. The adorned open-toed stilettos are as expressive as they are sophisticated, with a modern-day look that carefully wraps itself across the straps and is designed to add a little bounce to your step.

A selection of diverse hues is a constant feature throughout the selection. While some items utilize a bolder but traditional color scheme, others see a splash of glitter and psychedelic colors to make the collection more jubilant and exciting. Don’t want the open-toed look? Richly textured lace-up booties in velvet with a metal buckle might be the round-toed choice you’re looking for.

The collection also features a selection of day-wear shoes like sneakers with a hint of individuality as trimmed fur makes a comeback around the ankle for the cold winter days. If you need something warmer, there is the stylish silk and leather jacket with an embroidered multi-hued phoenix on the back.

This season has a bunch of cool accessories to go with it, like an intricate cage necklace with crystal accents made to accentuate any neckline. Not just known for their shoes, Zanotti has also come up with simple yet beautifully crafted handbags made from calfskin.

No word out just yet on availability.