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Lines Blur 

Fashion’s Melting Pot

Blurred lines. Everywhere you look it’s hard to miss because it’s taken people by storm from Kuwait to London to New York, inside and outside the gym—comfortable, flexible, affordable, spanning every age and profession from kids to grandparents, from retailers to CEOs.

Suddenly fitness freaks sporting casual wear for the gym realized that fashion freaks were raiding their secret stash sporting their casual wear on the streets as the hottest new ‘streetwear’.

Out of the gate, Nike was one of the first. Take their shoes: you probably have a pair tucked away in your closet brushing aside your old Oxfords. Comfortable, easily mixing with casuals, including your yoga-inspired pants (loose, tight or hippie) like Cameron Diaz.

Adidas wasn’t far behind bringing together music superstars like Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and well-known designer Mary Katranzou with every new hip collection of Adidas Originals. 

Limited edition shoes and clothes now bring together color, persona, lifestyle—maybe even street cred with more focus on lifestyle streetside and less focus on sport durability trackside —all guaranteed to ultimately turn a head or two. 

Not only have the Big Dogs such as Nike and Adidas polished how they look but so have Reebok and Puma zeroed in on lifestyle fitness with media support from the likes of Jay-Z recently spotted wearing Reebok kicks or the likes of Rihanna as Puma’s women’s creative director.

What is it you may ask?

The blur continues to move forward unabashed because the Athleisure Movement is about staying in motion. The shift is ideal—these are ‘rags’ you can actually live in, keep fit in and work in as you cruise the malls or work at the office.

Fashion has always brought together the latest, the most exotic, the most fashionable: this is nothing new under the sun.

But what is really new is how fast and how far the lines continue to blur. High and low pop culture from north, south, east and west are now upside down, and inside out.

What was once deemed to be plain or ordinary is now seen as luxurious or exotic. And what was once deemed to be too outlandish or inappropriate is now seen as just the right touch of savoire-faire.

Warm, washable & simply luxurious for the ordinary person, athleisure comes in stretch knits and Lycra, here, there and everywhere—ready to imbue motion as well as emotion into everything we touch.

When push comes to shove it’s about being comfortable in our own skin wherever we find ourselves so we can live more fully, feel more fully alive.

Comfort with a Big ‘C’ like the Big Dogs has found its own small way into mainstream lifestyles, including my own—and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Count me in. I love how I feel and for that matter how I move! I’m a man in motion in my athleisure street wear. How about you?