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LONDON’S Best Street Food

Pack some napkins – this is London’s best street food! It delivers everything you need to know about the city’s top on-the-hoof eats



The Vietnamese got their baguette habit from French invaders, and Bittenclub is bringing that full circle with a menu of banh mi sandwiches that have been given a French twist. A crisp white breadstick (baked by north London’s Celtic Bakers) is stuffed with crunchy veg, chilli and whichever protein takes your fancy. Honeyed duck confit comes highly recommended, especially on its bed of coriander and garlic pesto.

Don’t miss: Duck mi (£6)

Find it at: Flat Iron Square

But first check: @bittenclub



The options at Makatcha are those of an airline kitchen: beef, chicken or veg. Fortunately their rendang is so completely packed with fragrant flavours that it doesn’t matter which you go for. Here the coconut and lemongrass-packed Indonesian speciality comes with a pile of fluffy white rice and some crunchy, gently pickled veg. A billion times better than plane food.

Don’t miss: Beef rendang (£6)

Find it at: Schoolyard Market, Chatsworth Road Market, Kerb Camden, Kerb West India Quay, St Katherines Dock

But first check: @Makatcha_Eats

Sheng High-1

Sheng High 

Not unlike Willy Wonka’s three-course gum, these squishy soup dumplings (originally from Shanghai, hence the name) combine a meatball filling and chicken soup within a soft dumpling casing that’s heated until its bottom is crispy then served with dipping vinegar. Stall owner Felix has worked at Yauatcha and Hakkasan, and his dumplings are so moreish that it’s worth the inevitable drips down your favourite T-shirt.

Don’t miss: Shengjian bao (£6 for four)

Find it at: Kerb King’s Cross, E17 Village Market

But first check: @shenghighuk



These Persian-inspired vegetarian curries are so rich with flavour that they must have started as 230 percent ingredients in the way that ketchup is 148 percent tomatoes. Texture comes from fresh, crunchy garnishes and heft comes from a warm, crisp flatbread. And your tastebuds will be so overwhelmed they’ll be picking up new spices long after the first bite.

Don’t miss: Pav Bhaji (£8)

Find it at: Maltby Street, Kerb King’s Cross

But first check: @devis_ldn



We couldn’t have told you what Andalusian cuisine involved before we tried Nazarí’s flavour-stuffed chicken wrap, but we sure like it now. The brother and sister team take the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours to create dishes that have twice the taste per mouthful; the chicken’s slow-cooked with garlic, parsley and Moorish spices and wrapped up with a rainbow of Ottolenghi-ish salads.

Don’t miss: Chicken asado wrap (£6)

Find them at: Kerb Camden

But first check: @nazarifood

L-_0001_Mike & Ollie

Mike & Ollie 

Mike Richardson studied design at Goldsmiths before realising that his calling was in creating magnificent flatbreads. Ollie is no longer a part of the operation but the name had already stuck, and let’s be honest, calling a food stand just ‘Mike’ would be pretty ballsy. His freshly made wraps are brimming with seasonal treats such as pan-fried Eastbourne mackerel fillet, beetroot-braised shallots, rhubarb hot sauce and homemade pickles.

Don’t miss: Lamb flatbread (£7)

Find it at: Brockley Market, Flat Iron Square

But first check: @mikeandollie

L-_0003_The Rib Man

The Rib Man 

Proof that you’re better off starting a business because you’re really bloody good at it than because you think it’s on-trend, Mark Gevaux has been selling ribs on the streets of London since 2007. While working as a butcher he started cooking ribs on disposable barbecues at farmers’ markets. Demand was high and The Rib Man was born – his smoky, succulent baby backs have been shredded, piled high into white baps and drizzled with some insanely spicy sauces ever since.

Don’t miss: the chance to prove your heat tolerance with loads of Holy Fuck sauce on your rib roll (£7)

Find it at: Brick Lane every Sunday (but beware it usually sells out before 2pm).

But first check: @theribman