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La Galerie is Louis Vuitton’s second gallery in less than a year. The first Gallery, Foundation of Louis Vuitton, was launched earlier this year and was designed by Frank Gehry.

La Galerie is arranged to display the brand’s works throughout the years. The gallery showcased items from Vuitton’s personal family collection alongside with other memorable pieces and trunks of items where people can make their orders.  On the floors the organizers placed around 400 items and documents that belong to the house and on the walls they played a footage that shows the history of Louis Vuitton and the collaboration the house made so far.

The fashion professor, Judith Clark, who was personally invited to the exhibition which is located in northern suburb of Asnières-sur-Seine, stated that: “It’s like an installation reflecting on the idea of exhibiting the Vuitton archive. It’s intended to be kind of slightly disruptive in that way.”

The location is considered to be the heart of Louis Vuitton’s since it is the first place the brand settled in. The gallery looked like a memory-filled garden with memories that helped create an intimate atmosphere.