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Luxurious Cashmere at The Burberry Scarf Bar

Celebrate the new Burberry Scarf Bar, a celebration of Burberry’s iconic cashmere scarves, offering an expanded range of classic and lightweight cashmere designs, all made in Scotland.

Customers can create their own Burberry scarf exactly the way they want it the first time, all done up with a new range of colors and prints as well as a variety of thread colors for monogramming.

Celebrate the made-for-you experience with a short film shot on location at the Scottish mills in Elgin and Ayr as they show you how each scarf is made of 100 percent cashmere, is carefully woven on a traditional loom and finished by skilled craftspeople using expert methods handed down from generation to generation.

The process combines the finest cashmere with artisanal techniques, dyed in over 30 colors. There’s more in this process.

It’s spun to the perfect weight and strength, woven on traditional looms, hand-checked for quality and precision, washed in fresh Scottish waters, brushed by natural teasels and finished by hand. Then individually monogrammed for each customer.

In-store monogramming is unique to Burberry’s global flagship location at 121 Regent Street, London.

You can easily order your very own cashmere scarf online.