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Mirabilia Romae is the latest couture collection by Valentino which draws inspiration from the fashion of the Roman era. The collection is very much ‘Regal Couture’ that utilizes a combination of asymmetrical silk (or velvet) accessorized with gold jewelry.

Using history as more of a reference point, this collection instead puts a more contemporary twist as the dresses seductively hug the figures of the models showing their silhouettes without being vulgar or gaudy. Roman sandals and necklaces made from eagles embrace the roman heritage. As such the jewelry used compliments the outfits, slim metal belts hold the waist together and the neckpieces accentuate the feminine curves.

The colors themselves were traditional; a heavy use of dark black and blood red that evoke a more sinister feel while others used a combination of purple and splashes of gold to portray the regality of the collection.

This collection is very much a dress for an elegant evening or a gathering where you’re dressed to impress.