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Mockingjay-Part 2

Jennifer Lawrence 

Up close and personal, Jennifer Lawrence talks about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2.

With the long-awaited last part of The Hunger Games airing this 20 November, 2015, we could hardly wait to hear Jennifer Lawrence’s latest comments on this much-anticipated movie!

With this experience with these four movies, this perspective behind you and  the scope of the characters, what does it mean to you?

After all these years, I’m left speechless. I really have no idea. The importance of having a voice is what I learned. The consequences of war, all the different sides. Everyone is affected by war. I guess that’s what I learned.

What did you learn about war?

It was easy to say they needed to go to war at the beginning of our franchise. One of the important things at the end of the movie, where something horrible has happened to our hero, it’s an important message that we didn’t separate the heroes from the pain, from the consequences of war.

What do you mean?

Well, we can see war on TV every day. We feel disconnected because it’s on TV. There’s no way to escape these things. But you can fight for freedom; you can fight for a just government. You might think you’re on the right side of things but it doesn’t mean it’s without consequences. It’s a good lesson to take away—it was for me.

Katniss is more pro-active in this film, right? She knows what she has to do in this final film…

I agree. For the first time she takes on this roll of the Mockingjay, outside of saving her own skin. She now sees it’s affecting the future. She is numb; she doesn’t care whether she lives or dies. She just wants to help have a better future.

When you came to this franchise, you all had a little anxiety. How do you feel now?

I feel good about it. No regrets. We text each other every day. Group text is key. Every time we’re in the same city together, we hang out. Initially we were sad because we knew there was no next movie to go back to, but when we do come together, we’re happy and excited to be in each other’s company. We still hang out. We’re all best friends.

What’s the craziest thing you did because you were part of The Hunger Games?

I went to get a tattoo with Liam. But he chickened out the last minute.

What did you learn as an actress in the last couple years?

With every movie you do you learn something new. Especially with movies like this, you just become more comfortable in front of the camera. Every movie you become more comfy in your skin.

How about physically? Was it tough?

I was tired a lot on this set. When Josh and I were tired, we started fighting. We shot some scenes for so long. The water log did it for me. All of our gear was wet. But I didn’t drown!

Was it psychologically grueling?

Some parts were. But, at the end of the day, you get to hang out with your best friends on set. That made a lot of things easier.

Part of what has drawn the audience to this franchise is the triangle. Is she going with Gayle or Peeta, or what? This last film resolves that. What did that part mean to you?

I went back and forth; it annoyed me in the beginning. These children are growing up in a time where even having a crush or a first kiss couldn’t be done. They have to focus on survival all the time, on war. And it’s so different from our reality in this part of the world where you can focus on a crush.

How emotional was the last day of shooting?

We had a big emotional hug: it’s sad to say goodbye to these characters. We will probably never see this again.

Speaking of different games, which was the toughest game you played?

The fire coming after me. They marked these trees and a trail for me to follow, that was incredibly real. Some trees were going to explode. I lost my trail through the trees. That was terrifying. There was a very real chance of me catching on fire.

You’re writing a screenplay with Amy Schumer?

Yes, it’s real. We’re almost done. We play sisters, estranged from our family. It’s all very dramatic and serious. I really love writing.

Looking ahead 20 years, what would you say if they wanted to do another Hunger Games movie?

I don’t think it’s surreal at all. I think it will happen. We should write it—Jen and Amy Schumer, then we could play the older people in the movie. I’d be totally up for that.

What did you keep from the set?

I kept a couple of bows.