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Most Exalting Perfume, the Smell of Victory

The burning fragrance of asphalt blends with refined scents of cedar wood and leather. Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme is a vibrant and addictive woody oriental. To convey the sudden rush of adrenaline experienced during a car race, Bruno Jovanovic (IFF) created a striking contrast between a fresh and vivifying floral top note of lavender and a powerful base note of leather. It perfectly symbolizes the mix of extreme intensity and unwavering assurance that characterizes a good pilot. This unique olfactory effect is sustained by a strong heart chord composed of Chopard 1000 Miglia’s iconic asphalt accord facetted with precious cedar wood. Combining a rich and smoky evocation of the road and the timeless elegance of cedar, this blend is totally in synchronization with the fragrance’s universe.

Found in: Wojooh, Sephora, Paris Gallery, Debenhams and Vavavoom

Price List:80ML :   355 Dhs   50ML :   280 Dhs