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“I don’t have time to work out!” You know how it goes juggling a job, family and friends. You simply can’t get your hands on enough time to spare to really get in shape.

Well I’ve got the solution for you right here—my hands are still sore from the workout even as I type.

I went over to 20seven gym in SIRBB circuit and here’s how it goes. After a health assessment, a trainer offers you workout clothes. They’ve got all sizes specifically designed for the EMS workout to come.

Pre-workout: All you really need are your sneakers. Your own specialized vest comes first along with straps around your behind, thighs, chest, and upper arms with built-in electrodes, which are hooked up to the miha BodyTec. And your workout begins.

Workout: With every series of movements—guided by your experienced, motivated and uber-friendly personal trainer—you’ll feel every single muscle working. Even muscles you didn’t know existed.

Post-workout: You’ll get a much-needed 5 minute lay down with minimal EMS to relax your muscle tension.

Media-workout: Usain Bolt and Michel Bastos as well as the Bayern Munich team believe in the results (impeccable) on fitness, endurance, muscle formation and cellulite reduction.

No More Excuses: Your 20-MINUTE session suffices for the entire WEEK, and keeps your metabolism up for the following 24 to 48 hours.

So remind me how this is NOT going to work in your busy schedule?