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Trendhunting can be a full-time job if you want to be the Talk of the Town! So for those of you looking for something truly innovative for your home or for that man cave of yours, here are some novel ideas-turned-into-products that will definitely set you apart from the crowd.

Aquarium Coffee Table

Tagline: Under the sea

Imagine you’re the world-famous diver Jacques Cousteau swimming along in your own living room. What a trip to remember! This coffee table reinvents the way aquariums can now be used—no longer designed just for your table top or in the dark recess of your room, this unique coffee table gives you the chance to have a little slice of ocean right under your morning coffee cup.

Designed entirely out of glass (lessens scratches) this aquarium table takes a bit of work to keep shiny but once it’s polished you have a real conversation piece packed with moveable art called “tropical fish”!

An all-inclusive aquarium package will be sent straight to your home without, of course, plants, and water.

Available online at amazon.com and other online retailers, just make sure you pay attention to the details.

Thermochromic tiles

Tagline: Fancy name, cool look

Trendhunting for your bathroom, looking for some way to make it glamorous and inviting without breaking the bank? Thinking about the tiles on your bathroom floor that need a facelift but what to do that really makes sense, and feels good too?

These heat-sensitive tiles could be just the perfect gotta-have solution as they come in a wide selection of fantastic colors, and once they’re in place they make your place come alive.

In fact what makes them so innovative is that these tiles change color depending on how hot or cold it is in the room itself. So here’s something super-stylish for your bathroom floor, something you’ll adore while you’re shaving or jumping into the shower.

Style envy: you nailed it! For more details about tile sizes and the such visit www.movingcolor.net/

Snippet: For avid collectors and enthusiasts of alternative décor items, dazzle your family and friends with unique interior designs

Ford Mustang 1965 Pool Table

Tagline: Enjoy your car, indoors

Now this makes good horse sense — probably the most powerful pool table ever made — it’s made from an actual 1965 Mustang (with at least some of its defining features).

Comes in all the shiny factory colors that made it world-famous, the Mustang pool table sports a professional playing surface featuring three-piece Brazilian slate, real championship felt and solid hardwood, all the way around.

Each pool table gets its own VIN plate and title before delivery to you. Easily placed in just about any room of your house.

Word of warning, don’t try raiding this beauty for parts. This table is also an officially licensed product of the Ford Motor Company. For details check out www.carpooltables.com/

50’s Retro Fridge

Tagline: Keeping your ‘cool’ the retro way

Bring back a blast of cool air from the past with this retro-style fridge! Here’s another way to combine technology with style with over 362 -liter capacity for fresh goodies plus an ice box.

Comes equipped with other standard ‘bells and whistles’ for fridges so you’re sure you’re not sacrificing anything for ‘cool’ looks.

Makes a great feature in your kitchen, living room or dining area. This beauty could also work in your entertainment room or office.

This fridge is available on www.smeguk.com/