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This year, Rimmel and Rita Ora have teamed up together again to present the all new Colourfest line-up of makeup ‘Oh my Gloss!’ (Exclamation mark included). Made with the festival-goer in mind, this line of products would be great for any occasion especially for those who are more free-spirited and like to have fun.

With eight new lush hues, ranging from light colors to darker shades, Rimmel also ensures that his lip gloss lasts for at least a few hours, 6 to be exact. Apart from hosting range of unique colors, it also combines Rimmel’s ‘Gloss Lock’ technology with Argan oil as well as vitamin E to keep your lips feeling lightweight and the gloss comfortable to wear.

Even the packing comes in a playful way that’s both stylish and functional making this line great for your summer adventures. Rita Ora’s ‘Oh My Gloss!’ will be available starting August.