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Oh No! Not Another Converse!

A firm favorite among Parisian vintage lovers, who are drawn to the jolly red frontage and little iron chairs set out on the pavement. Once inside, it’s hard to know where to start – hunting along the rails, rummaging in the hampers, flipping through the pieces hung on the walls and even suspended from the ceiling
between disco balls and celebrity masks of Barack
Obama and Elizabeth II.
Elsewhere, there are piles of vintage telephones,
démodé mocassins, ’60s sunglasses and
Hawaiian shirts. Depending on what’s in stock,
you could pick up a fox fur scarf, an old
super-8 camera or Tricolore-striped
motorcycle helmet. The place deserves its
great reputation; you just have to roll up
your sleeves and rummage.
Prices are pretty reasonable, with leather
boots at around €40 and jackets
from €20.