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Guided by the Avant-Craft philosophy, Pal Zileri has brought Creative Director Mauro Ravizza Krieger to reimagine the latest Spring-Summer 2016 collection. A unique combination of sport and decorum are brought together with contemporary look for the modern man in today’s fast-paced world.

Using a palette of unique colors (the collection features, muted blues, rusty reds and dark greens) and a layering of chromatic shades that simply builds upon each other. The collection also uses geometric motifs across the board – diamonds, squares and a selection of compositions in motion – that is carefully revealed rather gaudily displayed.

The garments are made of a variety of new materials – jacquard wool, gabardine and mohair. That isn’t to say that you won’t find your traditional silks and linen, they are simply infused with natural fibers to create a material that is both functional and comfortable.

Check out a preview of the collection below for a better look at Pal Zileri’s new look for 2016.