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Phunkeeduck. Transport on!

The Hype is here and we’re not ones to miss out on a new upcoming trend already used by the likes of Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, Soulja Boy, J. R. Smith, Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown and even football star Karim Benzema.

The PhunkeeDuck is gaining momentum on personal city travel—12 MPH to be exact!

With a battery lasting up to 6-7 hours (getting you as far as 10 miles on one full battery charge), PhunkeeDuck was created by a group of entrepreneurs and friends that opted to try to revolutionize transportation for urban/suburban living in their own small way.

Flooding social media celeb pages, they’ve managed to create a buzz that has set us buzzing to try one out.

It doesn’t end there. The PhunkeeDuck (aside from its slick look) has an uber edge to it.

For adrenaline and fun junkees, not only does the gadget get you from place A to B, Phunkeeduck also features spins, tricks and techniques that you can learn once you get the hang of it, and it’s been closely compared to riding a snowboard.

PhunkeeDuck currently retails at $1499. and orders can be placed on their official website as we write.

Willing to get on board for your city lifestyle? Glide away my friends.