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Shortly after introducing the ultra portable BeoPlay A2, B&O PLAY introduces Beolit 15, an even more powerful Bluetooth speaker that
will fit every room of your home. Standing on the shoulders of its legendary Beolit predecessors (the first Beolits were introduced in the 1930s) Beolit 15 packs the best of modern technology with acclaimed acoustics, premium materials and clean Scandinavian design.

Beolit 15 fills up every room with music – and does it with a clarity that reveals all the details your music has to offer.

Thanks to the innovative True360 sound solution everyone gets to
enjoy the same music experience no matter where they are placed
in the room.

The built-in battery with up to 24 hours of playtime on a single charge allows for total flexibility, so you can bring Beolit 15 with you
wherever you want.

The True360 omni-directional sound gives you music all the way around the speaker – and with 240 Watts of peak power there’s enough under the hood to fill even larger rooms. Its Adaptive Power Management technology minimizes battery consumption and provides up to 24 hours of playtime per charge.

The acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound is designed to give an honest, forceful and clean sound reproduction. You will experience your music the way the artists intended it – with no tweaks and no added elements.