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An interesting reiteration of a classic novel based of Jane Austin’s own Pride and Prejudice – except with zombies. The latest from Screen gems (Easy A, Underworld: Awakening), they have just released a new clip that introduces actress Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet.

The movie follows the lives of lovers from different social classes across Victorian England that so happens to also have a zombie outbreak thrown into the mix. There are few things different in this version of the classic novel, for one Elizabeth Bennet is a martial arts master and Mr. Darcy (played by Sam Reilly) is an upper-class gentleman with a knack for zombie killing.

The movie has a lot of other stars including Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones, 300). Check out the clip below for a little sneak peak of the movie being released Feb. 5th 2016.