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Lacoste comes out swinging with its new collection created by Felipe Oliveira Baptista called ‘Rene did it first’ in homage to René Lacoste. A strange combination of urban styles and a unique ‘chic’ that does not take itself seriously, this collection tries to combine many styles from different eras.

This season, Baptista offers a ‘winter tennis’ feel that is inspired by the refinement of the 30s accentuated by the graphic and color of the art-deco movement of the 70s. This collection also has a selection of sweaters and sweatshirts that sport large captions like ‘René did it first’ and ‘Tennis anyone?’ driving home the point that seriousness does not belong here.

Gender is not a point in this collection, pushing for a more unisex look where menswear and womenswear echo each other. The wardrobe showcases a long list of contemporary strengths by playing on contrasts of strong colors and subtle tones.

The tracksuit is reimagined like an urban ensemble in jersey, nylon or silk. The looks are not the only thing unique to this collection, a lot of experimenting went on the versatility of garments as functional daily pieces, with sweaters and coats that feature sleeves which can unfasten to free the arm movement or dresses that transform according to the wearer’s whim.

Who says that comfort and style shouldn’t be combined together?