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Representing Designer cities, with handbags

Aigner has a history of delighting us with its unique design and styles here in Sarab. Especially with its new limited collection of luxury leather bags in its Cybill signature series dedicated to megacities including those of the Middle East called ‘Metropolitan’. Aigner has managed to incorporate those features that define a city into ten exclusive models that channel the spirit of a metropolis with characteristic colours, significant symbols and complex leather artwork.

Each city has its own charismatic identity where language, way of life, architecture and art defines them as the place to be. Aigner pays homage to them in their own way; using an interaction of matte and shiny surfaces on the bag that puts each cities respective cultural symbol in the limelight.

For Kuwait they use the triangular patterns of the domes in the bag to reflect the stylish, fresh aqua tones. Inspired by the Kuwait Towers (a landmark in this ambitious city which also houses a few facilities including a water tower) the triangular pattern shape found on the globes adorns the sides of the bag.

For Dubai they have interwoven the geometric images of the falcon with a very unique finish using the characteristics of ostriches, crocodiles and snakeskin. Aigner attempts to represent the enigma of Dubai, where trends meet tradition, by utilizing the bird of prey as a symbol of strength and power. To represent Qatar, Aigner has used the warm berry tones of the Qatari flag to display the typically geometric, arabesque decorations found around the country.

The other cities of New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Munich, Jakarta and Shanghai all have their own unique designs representing their cities. Due to it being a Limited edition created in celebration of Aigner’s 50th anniversary, only 50 pieces of the Metropolitan edition will be made for each city and will be available in selected Aigner stores from the middle of July.

As an added bonus in the lining of each bag there is a luxurious plaque showing the limited edition number and the name of the city to which the model is dedicated to.