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Nostalgia is the name of the game as Nicholas Kirkwood will be unveiling his latest limited edition line of luxury heels. Inspired by the retro age of 80s movies and games, the heels are both playful and stylish. The collection named ‘10’ explores interesting use of textures and designs to bring out those oft forgotten childhood memories.

Debuting at the London Fashion week, the shoes also have playful names based on classic movies such as Back to the Sneaker (a play on Back to the Future) and Millennium City (based on the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars). Kirkwood uses a plethora of different textures to bring out the nostalgia, ranging from embossed red leather to blue suede. Motifs depend on the heels in question but are used well in bringing out and matching the theme of each shoe.

With prices estimated to range between $2,700 and $6,900, these heels are no walk in the park. But seeing that they are limited edition, each heel will be numbered and also be held in a collectable box.