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TOD’s has released a new collection of bags for women and let’s just say that they have now got our attention. Using leather as their medium of choice, the bags resemble saddlery meshed with contemporary designs and monochromatic colors.

This new aesthetic runs throughout the collection as one of its main themes. The first style called Wave is meant to be highly versatile for day-to-day use and features visible stitching and a leather flap that conceals the zipper. The next style called Cape, (has nothing to do with looking like a cape, FYI) layers leather over leather. Finally the last style called Flower features graphical effects and hand threading.

The textures are also interesting and depending on the style of the bag, they may come with leather, velvet or fur. Some of the bags features studs on the bottom to make them suitable for any occasion.

These bags manage to combine style and function in a unique way that is distinctly feminine and are currently available in both The Avenues (Prestige) and Salhiya Complex.