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Selfridges have outdone themselves this year kick-starting the holiday retail season. This year the theme is Journey to the Stars for its window display and boy is it amazing. With over a year in development, the theme features the symbolic use of the Christmas star as inspiration as well as the 12 signs of the zodiac.

A trip through the constellation and astrology, each window is stylized according to the planet and the zodiacs signs they influence. One display features a fully rotating mechanical representation of the solar system (to scale of course).

To make this voyage even more interesting, Selfridges is sprucing not just the in-store decorations but also the customer experience. How you might wonder? Simple, they have created an Astrolounge which has psychic readings, mystic workshops and many more to entice you into the world of the zodiac.

For Christmas, Selfridges have embraced personalization – regardless of choice, be it food or fashion. You can personalize almost everything, Nutella, gift wrapping paper just to name a few making it a wonderful one-stop shop for gifts. There is even the option of booking ‘Elfridges’ online, the instore personal shoppers to help you with your gift list.

Available exclusively at Selfridges stores and online on their website, with another cool option of shopping by star signs, the easiest way to find gifts recommended based on zodiac traits. Regardless if you get anything or not, this is not a sight to miss.