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Massimiliano Giornetti , the creative director for Salvatore Ferragamo, has just released a new Autumn-Winter 2015 collection that will really titillate the senses. Using different elements to create designs made from a wide range of animal motifs, symbols and ties, this new collection exudes resilience as well sensuality.

There are many layers to the outfits in this collection, yet it manages to portray soft silhouettes with voluminous profiles. There are multi-colored embroideries that adorn many of the jackets and outerwear. Leather patchworks of animals are included featuring zebras, flamingos and monkeys, adding a little playfulness. Giornetti also tries his hand at three-dimensional coats, which are worn with pullovers and big scarves.

This collection uses very interesting color palettes – forest like in nature – with shades of dark green and chestnut which are lit up by bright decorative details.