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Don’t let the cute picture above fool you, underneath all that bundle of joy lays a ticking clock sensitive to everything, just waiting to let the tears out. Crying babies have been the bane of families, depriving many new parents out of much needed sleep – not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just sometimes you just want to sleep more than two hours at a time.

Not anymore though, thanks to the help of a pediatrician in the U.S, an answer to solve the age old question – how do you make a baby stop crying? Well luckily for us, Dr. Robert Hamilton has made a YouTube video that has become quite popular online.

Now this may seem like an infomercial, but the good Doctor reveals how he quickly and safely gets a baby to quiet down with a simple trick. Now you guys can go debate about which methods are best and how many generations’ different tricks have been passed down the family line – or you can check the video below for another strategy you can use to help keep your bundles of joy happy.