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Inspired by Greek mythos, the latest collection of high-end fine jewelry by Versace called Iconic Limited Edition has just been released. This collection revamps earlier creations by Versace while contemporizing them for the modern world. Each jewelry set comes with a bracelet, necklace and ring in two distinct styles – the Medusa and the Greca.

 While some may know the Medusa as a monster, in this case she is a symbol of beauty, philosophy and art as she has come to inspire stories and masterpieces throughout civilization. There is no doubt that this iconic Versace symbol is the heart of the collection.

 Another key aspect of this collection is the representation of the Greek Key, mainly used as a decorative piece to set the tone of mythology and luxury. The Greca set is essentially a combination of the Medusa with black back drops and diamonds.

Both sets are made from 18k gold and are adorned with diamonds. Due to it being a limited edition, only a 100 pieces will be available.