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Up-to-date technology devices and treatments in Istanbul.

Could you think of better luxury than that of stopping time? Well, this is exactly what the team at Ageless Clinic offers you. And in style too – using the most up-to-date technology devices and treatments.
“The rising demand for healthcare services in Istanbul from the Middle East region has urged Istanbul Cerrahi Health Group to establish Ageless Clinic to address the current gaps in the healthcare sector and differentiate on the basis of medical excellence, guest-centeredness and unparalleled levels of customer service.’’ stated Melih Hulusi Us, chairman of Ageless Clinic.
Ageless Clinic opened its doors in April 2016. It aims to provide outstanding anti-aging and cosmetic services to eliminate age-related physical and metabolic problems, with personalized solutions through contemporary procedures such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Supplement programs, IV nutrition, Medical detox, as well as aesthetic procedures and surgical methods.
• An FDA-approved device with the best skin cleansing device of 2015 award
• A revolutionary technology for skin lesions
• Tones the skin painlessly and without surgery with constant use
• Patients can have a Hollywood star-like glowing skin even in a single session
• Exfoliates by removing dead skin in a single session, – completely pain-free
• Smoothens fine lines with constant use
• Deeply cleanses the skin in a single session.  Device painlessly vacuums blackheads itself without the use of steam and picking at the skin.  This prevents scar formation
• Lightly exfoliates and renews the skin painlessly which results in a virtually invisible peeling,  allowing the patient to go about their daily life.
Sarab was there, and we enrolled into a hydrafacial, tried and tested type of adventure.
The treatement lasts for about 40 minutes. It is pain free, quite, and the result is absolutely awesome.
Istanbul by itself is breathtaking, a point break of cultures and a great message of tolerance. A touch of luxurious hydrafical felt like a cherry on top. This clinic is worth meaning and highly recommended. There is language assitance on premises, hence overcoming all obstacles to make your exprience a smooth and pleasurable one.
The stem cell anti-aging treatment is worth the try. It is about 30 genes that doctors in labs are able to decode. They can hence track the cells that are aging or fading, and therefore remedy it preemptively. Especially since the serum for the aging cells is from your own cells.
With modern and serene facilities, impeccable customer service and expert doctors, Ageless pledges to provide a new and fresh approach to highest quality healthcare services in Istanbul.

About Ageless
The healthy life management clinic comprises of Centres of Excellence in a variety of specialties including:
• Anti-Aging:  Stem cell, Metabolism and Hormone therapies, Healthy nutrition, Diet, Acupuncture and Ayurveda programs
• Sexual Health: Age-related, Andropause and Menopause treatments
• Surgical / Nonsurgical Aesthetic Procedures:  Plastic surgery, Stem cell treatment, Hair transplantation, Laser therapy, Eye aesthetics, cosmetic dental care, Obesity surgery and Esophageal varices treatments.