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Inspired by the Italian style of dressing the Armani Exchange Spring 2016 collection is a mixture of classic styles with youthful energy. The collection is in essence an exploration of different materials, elements and tonal prints. It carries a range of casual, sporty and cross stitches with a focus on outwear.

Divided into a two part release the first half of spring (beginning of February) will see the introduction of ‘Micro-Fluidity’ inspired by the style of Armani blue with an urban take. Ladies will see a collection of denim inspired outerwear that is completed with neutral staples as well as a nice collection of contrasting skirts and scarves. Men will get a sporty chic look that is riddled with bits of red, navy and white –not necessarily together but adds a look of effortless style.

March will see the release of the second half coined ‘Artisan,’ a collection of restrained colors centered around beige and blue for both him and her. This collection will not have the same denim look as the previous one but goes with a more carefree outerwear.

Add little 50’s art deco or modernist art style to your wardrobe by checking out the rest of the collection at Armani Exchange stores through the region starting February.