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Versace’s Spring Summer 2016 collection is currently available and they have given Sarab a look at their accessories collection featuring all the motifs and elegance that accompanied the main collection.

With rich craftsmanship, Versace has incorporated animal and jungle camo prints into its selection of backpacks, handbags and even shoes. The various accessories proudly bear the fashion-houses iconic Medusa figurehead at its forefront. With an acid wash look, the accessories would stand out just about anywhere.

There is also a great selection of more traditional looking items but no less contemporary like platform heels with a rubberised soles for that added bit of comfort to sandals that are adorned with sequins and chiffon. The tie-handle bags are also present and come from Versace’s Palazzo family.

Check out the rest of the images below for a better look at some of the accessories Versace has to offer.