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Weather in a Box

Tempescope — checking local weather on a digital device has never been more clever or more fun.

London’s Saatchi Gallery has recently unveiled a unique weather gadget and our Sarab team just had to share it with you. Created by Google software engineer Ken Kawamoto, Tempescope acts as an ‘ambient weather display’ using hourly forecasts online to simulate weather conditions from rain to storms to sunshine.

First mode: Tomorrow’s Weather grabs info for you from the net on next day’s local weather. Second mode: World Weather grabs weather updates from anywhere in the world. It can also do both in real-time, or in speed-up mode.

Unfortunately it’s not for sale yet but if you’re into crowd funding, Kawamoto is running a campaign soon to make his gadget available so you can get your very own on-the-spot weather gadget for local and international weather updates.

In the meantime look for his software, open source for personal use only so you can create your own Tempescope following Kawamoto’s own DIY (do-it-yourself) blog guide that tells you about all the parts you need to build your own ‘ambient weather display.’

Hooked on weather? This device is easy to use, looks great and can go with you anywhere you travel.