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The new Ghostbusters trailer is finally out! With a better look at Paul Feig’s reboot, the trailers has seen praise and derision from all corners of the internet. Although we’ve been excited to see what the upcoming film may entail, others are not quite so, with over 300,000 dislikes on YouTube and only 165,000 likes.

The latest take on the Ghostbusters sees an all-ladies cast, with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy  as scientists, Kate McKinnon as a nuclear engineer and Leslie Jones as the street-smart subway worker who joins after a supernatural encounter. Chris Hemsworth also stars in the film as a supporting character playing the crews receptionist (a little ironic we know).

Check out the trailer below for a better look at what the movie might entail with a whole bunch of other ghostly goodies set to be released in the future!