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“YUBA” Gourmet Level Japanese Cuisine With A Local Twist

Yuba is the name given to a unique new restaurant created by Mohammed Bseiso, CEO of Gourmania International; a company specialized in bringing us some of the most successful restaurants in Kuwait such as Fauchon Paris, Burger & Lobster, Cereal Killer, Sakura, etc.
The newest addition to the Gourmania portfolio is Yuba. A high level Japanese gourmet sushi and robata grill bar infused with a local twist of flavors and ingredients from Kuwait and the region. A truly unique experience awaits its patrons as even though we have tens of Japanese restaurants; none have aquariums with live seafood and none have a culinary “sushi tour”; having the chef take you on a culinary journey experiencing and learning things you never knew about these Japanese delicacies.
“Quality is the focus of the concept” says Mr. Bseiso, “I personally admire Japanese cuisine because of its focus on quality and its simplicity. However, due to high costs or difficulty in sourcing, there are many dishes you never find in Kuwait. This is why I always look forward to visiting Japanese restaurants when I’m abroad, where these items are usually available.” Apart from the high quality ingredients, Yuba prides itself in being able to create a unique balance of flavors between Arab and Japanese cuisines in some of its signature dishes. You even have the option of having your sushi and rolls using Japanese quzi style rice. “I knew what I wanted as the end result.  However, I didn’t expect to find the many challenges in trying to add the local flair into the dishes, as keeping the integrity of these 2 great cuisines whilst having them uplift and complement one another was quite challenging,” added Mr. Bseiso.
A concept like Yuba will bring the experiences of abroad right to your doorstep.